The solar technology is new in the region and we are guiding the wave; SunnyLand Solar was founded by Eng. Bashar Malkawi in 2014. Our success is built on the trust of our customers and our partners respecting the business ethics. At SunnyLand Solar, we stand behind our commitment to product excellence, reliable product delivery, and outstanding customer support.

Vision and Mission
Our vision is to become a world leader in solar industry by 2030, Offering innovative solutions.

Our mission is to provide a leading technical solution and illuminate experience in solar energy sector to empower people, communities, and businesses all around the universe.

Our Principle
Be positive
Work like a Bee
Becoming the best in each respective field through self-development and process improvement.
Continuously moving forward to adapt new ideas and opportunities through open and creative mindset.
Achieve objectives through strong believes and clean visions toward the future.

Our Motto
We believe in a better world and we believe you will be part of it